150+ Harley Quinn Quotes That Showcases Her Crazy Side

suicide squad harley quinn quotes

Harley Quinn (also known as Harlequin) is the girlfriend of the craziest character in the entire DC universe- the Joker. So, its quite expected that she too would be crazy (which indeed she is) like her lover. So, here we compile some of the craziest and sassiest of Harley Quinn quotes from the movies Suicide … Read more

100+ Joker Quotes- The best one’s you’ve ever heard

famous joker quotes

There’s almost no one who is unaware of the most iconic super-villian, the Joker (Heath Ledger). Probably, everyone has watched his outstanding performances in Batman The Dark Night Arises, Suicide Squad and of-course the legendary one which released in 2019, Joker (played by Joaquin Phoenix). So, we decided why not give the character a tribute … Read more

[Best] 600+ Attitude Captions | Instagram Caption on Attitude(2019)

Attitude captions are by far the best possible method to describe your attitude to others. According to Wikipedia, attitude is a psychological construction which consists of mental and emotional feelings that describes a person. So to describe your attitude you can use our collection of captions on attitude. But don’t fake it. We don’t recommend … Read more

115 Cute Relationship Quotes to spice up your relationship

there are many people who can call you by your name cute relationship quotes

Love is the most beautiful experience one could ever experience. At times, you might be bereft of all words while trying to express this wonderful feeling. Thanks to all those amazing people who have made it simpler for us. We have handpicked some of the best cute relationship quotes from around the internet. It doesn’t … Read more