18 incidents when people completely forgot that reflections do exist!

Sometimes mirrors can be really funny if not taken care of while clicking a picture of your loved one. Who knows, maybe you’ll get trolled immensely on social media once you upload the photo. Look at these 18 incidents when people almost forgot that reflections do exist!

#1 Have a look at that pink thing behind

Well that pink thing looks more like a dil**. Well however this women completely forgot about that thing behind and released this pic on social media, from which it was picked up by memers and trollers. She became famous in no time! LOL!!

#2 This cat looks angry as f**k!

Look at this cat, why does she looks so angry! But whatever, she is now more popular on social media than me or you!

#3 Lot’s of traffic ahead! Wooooo!

Ya ya we can clearly see in your sunglasses that you are stuck in a huge traffic! We completely understand..LOL!

#4 That man is completely in love with that AS5

Hey stop staring at that AS5 like that! I mean, ok leave! So whatever you want!

#5 I challenge you to spot this one! It’s really difficult

Hey, I bet you can’t spot that at one go! It took me some time as well, can’t blame.

#6 Forever Alone (A Nice Lie)

Hey, at least have a close look at your pic before uploading! But however, being single is ok, there’s nothing to lie about it (i guess)..

#7 That man looks fuckin Hilarious!

Hey buddy, at-least consider putting on some clothes before clicking pictures of your wife (or something). But, however, you look extremely hilarious in that pose!

#8 Little baby got scared

Ya ya ya, you can’t blame the baby! Even you would get fuckin scared if you saw so many reflections of your own!

#9 Hey buddy you’re a good Photoshop but you ain’t clever

Hey buddy, you tried being awesome by showing your lifting skills, but you completely forgot your reflection! Better luck next time..

#10 Yeah! We’ve seen your real biceps, LOL!

Hehe, you’re tricks are caught red-handed! However that trick almost fooled everyone unless someone noticed the reflection, LOL!

#11 He got beautiful legs

Wo-hoo man you’ve got some really sexy legs! OK, jokes apart, reflections are highly capable of turning any ordinary image into an extremely hilarious one!

#12 The TV doesn’t LIE

Hey, I don’t wanna comment, but ma’am, reflections don’t lie. However, we’ve got to think about this over twice!!

#13 Watching Ponr Huh! LOL

Hey hey hey, well guess who has been caught watching ponr! Hey man, there is only one rule while watching ponr, that is watch it privately!!

#14 Look at the reflection of this man!

Hey man you’ve got some serious curves! Stop flaunting them!!

#15 Look at this invaluable expression!

#16 That head though! Looks great, Isn’t it?

#17 Not a good time to click a picture!

#18 He thinks we weren’t watching! Oh, come on dude!!

Hope so you liked our awesome collection of funny reflection fails. Stay tuned for more amazing content!

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