This beautiful girl Asked Men To Unzip Her Bunny Suit, What Happened Next Is Unbelievable!

Pranks are quite a thing now! From being extremely hilarious to extremely stupid and sometimes even being extremely annoying, pranksters always get an unique way out to fool common people. I mean most of you will say that who cares “most pranks are harmless”, yet you will admit that there are some pranksters who beat the shit out of people for recording their pesky pranks. However, the one we have today is extremely hilarious.

This is of a girl who wanders around in a thick bunny suit and asks men to unzip her bunny suit (because one needs help unzipping those huge mascot suits if they have an emergency like having to pee). But once these guys unzipped the suit, she did something pretty nasty which resulted in unbelievable reactions from these people! Watch it yourself!

#1 Getting Ready

The girl gets ready for her prank by putting on her huge bunny mascot suit.

#2 Asking someone for Help

Now imagine yourself in a large bunny suit with the zip on your back. Now you have to pee, immediately! What would you do except for calling someone for help to unzip your suit. That’s what this girl did!

#3 She asked guys for help

She asked some guys who were there in the park for help! She went around asking help one by one to record their reactions and carry on the prank as planned!

#4 A Pleasant Surprise


What would your reaction be if you were to unzip a girl from a huge bunny outfit and she turned out to be extremely hot? Well that’s exactly what happened with these guys. Look at their reactions!

#5 A sexy Girl

Now as soon as she gets out of her outfit, the next thing she does will completely blow your mind!

#6 Going Pee Pee

She hurries up to a tree and pees like a guy would, standing! Now it is a prank so she’s faking it. She has a pouch of water in her hand while perform such hilarious stunt! The reactions of all those guys are completely insane. Watch it yourself!

#7 The Guys burst out with laughter

After the prank is revealed and the prankster shows the camera, all guys burst out with laughter!

If you liked reading about the prank, then I’m sure you’ll love watching the full video. The YouTube video is embedded below. Click to watch!

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