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  • Which Harry Potter Class Would I Be Best At?

        Charm was one of the core subjects taught at Hogwartz School of Witchcraft and wizardry. Charms is a required subject for the first five years in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The spells learned in Charms were taken from ancient textbooks. The children were also taught of how to spell the charms […] More

  • Can we guess which Harry Potter female character are you?

        Harry Potter is one of the best series for children. J.K. Rowling the writer of the book with same name has literally nailed it. She is an INFP and it literally shows in her work. Her imagination is so rich and detailed that you forget Harry Potter is a fiction. She is also […] More

  • can we guess which us region are you from

    Can We Guess Which US Region You’re From?

        You may try to escape your hometown, but aspects of your personality always reflect where you come from in the US! It’s certainly very true that the country you live in leaves a lasting impression on your personality and character. Anyone can easily guess (of-course not so easily) that which country do you […] More

  • what crime did you commit in your past life

    What Crime Did You Commit In Your Past Life?

        Are you suffering from the karma of a past life? Find out what you did to deserve this! There a famous saying which goes as ” Karma is a bitch” and I personally believe that’s true. If there is something like a previous life, then whatever crime you have committed in your past […] More

  • how long would you survive in prison

    How Long Would You Survive In A Prison?

        Do you have what it takes to eat, sleep, and live with hardened criminals? Take this quiz now to find out! Have you ever imagined that if (just imagine) you had committed a severe crime that you are sentenced to imprisonment for years, then do you have what it takes to survive the […] More

  • what should be the title of your biography

    What Should Be The Title Of Your Biography?

        When you start to tell your life story, what will it be called? Take this quiz now to find out! Your life needs to be damn interesting and it should be filled with tragedies, experiences, adventures and more, if you really wanna write a complete book on it! However, if you are really […] More

  • what type of cook are you

    What Type Of Cook Are You?

        You may love or hate it, but cooking is an art. Take this quiz to find out exactly what kind of kitchen artist you are! Those who cook, only they know that what it takes to cook a real delicacy! However, take today’s cooking Personality Quiz by clicking the Start Button above and […] More

  • will you be a billionaire

    Will You Be A Billionaire?

        Who doesn’t want to be a billionaire? But there seems to be no easy path for it. Some might say by looking at Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates that dropping out of college is the key. That schools or elite universities don’t matter after a certain point. But the data suggests otherwise. A […] More

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