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  • are you ready for a big change in your life

    Are You Ready For A Big Change In Your Life?

        The saying goes: ‘Change is a good thing,’ but we aren’t always so open to new beginnings and deviations from the norm. Take this quiz to see if you’re ready for your life to take a new turn! You should be always prepared for life as life can change in a swish! So, […] More

  • what is your true fate

    What Is Your True Fate?

        Come on, when a quiz says it may be able to predict your ultimate fate, how can you not take a chance and see what the results tell you? Have you ever wondered that what exactly is your true fate, what has life kept in store for you and whether it will do […] More

  • do you really know yourself

    Do You Really Know Yourself?

        Take this quiz to see how in touch with yourself you really are. If you don’t score very well, not to worry – you’ll just need to take more personality quizzes to learn about yourself even more! It happens with all of us sometimes that we struggle to understand ourselves, to predict our […] More

  • which US city do you belong in

    Which US City Do You Belong In?

        US is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the planet and hence undoubtedly its cities are a hub for global tourists. Anyway, have you ever wondered that your personality, way of conversation or character traits matches with which city in the US? However, today we will let you know that which […] More

  • how reliable are you actually

    How Reliable Are You Actually?

        Are others able to count on you, especially when the going gets rough? Take this quiz to find out! Do you consider yourself reliable, most importantly, do others consider you reliable when they face difficult situations? I bet you have often come across this thought! So, why not find out today that whether […] More

  • Are you a Wizard or a Muggle?

        Muggles are looked down upon in many instances during the Harry Potter series. If you look into the books you would find that it is used to define wizards born out of non-wizard parents. You would also come to know that their muggle parents don’t in any way influence their wizardry capabilities. If […] More

  • Can we guess your Harry Potter crush?

        Muggle-borns were often discriminated in the wizarding world for their blood. But it is often seen that muggle-borns were the most talented wizards. Wizardry capabilities weren’t dependent upon whether you are a pure-blood or a mixed-one. If you think that sorry you are victim to racism. If you are okay with it then […] More

  • Which Harry Potter Creature Is Your Spirit Animal?

        As you all know Harry Potter is one of the most iconic movie series on the entire planet. Today I will talk about the Patronus Charm. Yeah that same one Expecto Patronum one. It is one of the most famous charms in the entire Harry Potter series. One interesting factor about this charm […] More

  • Which Harry Potter Class Would I Be Best At?

        Charm was one of the core subjects taught at Hogwartz School of Witchcraft and wizardry. Charms is a required subject for the first five years in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The spells learned in Charms were taken from ancient textbooks. The children were also taught of how to spell the charms […] More

  • Can we guess which Harry Potter female character are you?

        Harry Potter is one of the best series for children. J.K. Rowling the writer of the book with same name has literally nailed it. She is an INFP and it literally shows in her work. Her imagination is so rich and detailed that you forget Harry Potter is a fiction. She is also […] More

  • can we guess which us region are you from

    Can We Guess Which US Region You’re From?

        You may try to escape your hometown, but aspects of your personality always reflect where you come from in the US! It’s certainly very true that the country you live in leaves a lasting impression on your personality and character. Anyone can easily guess (of-course not so easily) that which country do you […] More

  • what crime did you commit in your past life

    What Crime Did You Commit In Your Past Life?

        Are you suffering from the karma of a past life? Find out what you did to deserve this! There a famous saying which goes as ” Karma is a bitch” and I personally believe that’s true. If there is something like a previous life, then whatever crime you have committed in your past […] More

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