Are You A British Chap, Bloke, A Geezer or A Boffin?



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All three can be used informally to refer to another male.

‘Chap’ is exclusively English – you won’t hear it in any other English-speaking country.

‘Bloke’ is used in both Britain and Australia. It’s a friendly term used in Australia – I suspect that in Britain it’s more class-restricted.

Lad also means ‘young boy or male teenager’ but can be used to refer to men informally.

Think you’re British at heart? Not until you complete this quiz! When it comes to British slang, who are you? Are you a chap, bloke, a geezer or a boffin? Everyone is at least one! Let’s find out which one you are today!

  • Question of

    Do you have a family crest?

    • Of course, it hangs above my mantle.
    • I think so, but no one brings it up.
    • Yes, I even bought one from the royal college of Arms.
    • I highly doubt it.
  • Question of

    What would your job have been in World War Two?

    • Field marshal
    • Regular soldier
    • Blowing things up
    • Codebreaker
  • Question of

    Which British TV or movie hero is totally you?

    • James Bond
    • Doctor Who
    • Del Boy Trotter
    • Sherlock Holmes
  • Question of

    Speaking of TV, which British show is at the top of your list?

    • Top Gear
    • Sherlock
    • The Inbetweeners
    • Bodyguard
  • Question of

    What is typically the most special meal in your week?

    • Sunday lunch
    • Sunday dinner
    • Saturday dinner
    • Friday dinner
  • Question of

    How many of your neighbors do you know?

    • All of them by sight, none of them by name.
    • Almost all of them!
    • Zero, I tend to avoid them.
    • A few, but not many.
  • Question of

    Has your home been in the family for more than two decades?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I’m not sure…
  • Question of

    What do you call your mother’s mother?

    • Granny
    • Grams
    • Nan
    • Grandma
  • Question of

    What socially awkward situation would be sure to make you squirm?

    • My debt becoming public.
    • Everyone knowing my fears.
    • Getting caught cheating.
    • Getting reprimanded at work.
  • Question of

    Who mows your lawn?

    • My gardner
    • I do
    • What lawn?
    • I have a guy who comes.

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