Are You An Awesome Grandparent?

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    How much notice do you need before your grand kids come over?

    • At least a day!
    • A few days notice.
    • A few hours.
    • They’re welcome anytime!
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    Before your grand kids visit, do you bake up something sweet?

    • Yes, my famous chocolate chip cookies!
    • I’ll put together some cupcakes.
    • Box brownies it is!
    • Nah, but maybe we’ll go out for ice cream…
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    What’s the first thing your grand kids see when they come into your home?

    • A big bowl of candy by the doorway.
    • All of the crafts I have set up for them.
    • A big hug from Grandma.
    • Probably my new doormat.
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    Are there any special one-of-a-kind dishes that the grand kids beg you to make?

    • Of course, my cooking is famous!
    • They don’t beg for it, but they do gobble it up.
    • I don’t cook for the grand kids.
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    On a rainy day, what are you most likely to do with the grand kids?

    • Build them a fort in the living room.
    • Bust out the board games.
    • Take them to the movies.
    • Let them use their iPads.
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    Who do you show pictures of your grand kids to?

    • Everyone I know practically!
    • My closet friends.
    • No one really.
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    When your grand kids come over, what’s on the TV?

    • I don’t allow TV.
    • Whatever I want to watch.
    • Whatever they’d like to watch.
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    If you text, what would you send your grand kids often?

    • Cute animal pictures.
    • Funny memes.
    • YouTube videos.
    • Nothing, that’s not appropriate.
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    When it comes to your grand kids, how do you feel about “the rules”?

    • Rules are meant to be broken!
    • Leave that to their parents.
    • Rules should always be followed.
    • I like to bend the rules!
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    How would you describe yourself as a grandparent?

    • Fun
    • Caring
    • Warm
    • Wise

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