Are You More Biscuits, Cornbread, or Dinner Rolls?

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    Rolls are best used for….

    • Sopping up sauce
    • Comfort
    • A sandwich
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    Pick a texture:

    • Creamy
    • Crunchy
    • Chewy
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    If you had to choose between having a bread and cheese course or a dessert course, which one would you pick?

    • Dessert, who can pass up sweets!
    • Bread and cheese obviously!
    • I’d take either one.
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    What’s your dream side dish?

    • Macaroni and cheese
    • French fries
    • Creamed spinach
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    What does a normal dinner look like to you?

    • Italian, anything with pasta and sauce.
    • Something hearty and filling.
    • A protein and plenty of veggies.
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    Which region of the US has the best food?

    • The Northeast
    • The Midwest
    • The South
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    How do you like your cereal?

    • With lots of milk.
    • With milk and sugar.
    • With more cereal than milk.
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    Which of these things are you most likely to put on a peanut butter sandwich?

    • Bananas
    • Bacon
    • Marshmallow fluff
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    What’s your idea of comfort?

    • A comfy couch and a warm blanket.
    • Being around family and friends.
    • Feeling the warm sunshine on my face.
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    Where do you like to eat your meals?

    • On the couch.
    • At the table.
    • Outside.

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