Are You More Democratic or Republican?

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    Which type of tax system do you believe in?

    • Higher taxes for the wealthy
    • Equal taxes for everyone
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    Do you believe multiple languages should be taught in schools?

    • Yes I do
    • Not at all
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    What are your views on gay marriage?

    • I don’t believe they have the right to get married
    • I believe they should be married
    • They can be married by the church but not by the state
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    Are you for gun control?

    • No, except for semi-automatic weapons
    • Yes, they should be outlawed
    • No, people should have the right
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    Do you support abortion?

    • No, it’s murder
    • No, only except for mental deformities or death
    • Yes, the mother has all choice
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    Do you believe military defense spending should be cut?

    • Of course
    • Not at all
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    Do you believe in global warming?

    • No, it’s silly
    • Yes, it’s a serious threat
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    Should healthcare be the responsibility of the government?

    • Yes, it should be granted to all citzens
    • Definitely not
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    Do you support capital punishment?

    • Yes, it’s too expensive to keep them in jail
    • No, it’s morally wrong to take another life
    • Yes, I have no respect for criminals
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    Are you pro-amnesty?

    • No
    • Yes
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    Do you believe a higher tax rate for the wealthiest 1% would strengthen the economy?

    • The top 1% need to pay MUCH more in taxes
    • The rich should pay LESS taxes so they can create more jobs
    • Both rich and the poor should all pay 15% across the board
    • We cannot afford to do anything drastic; a small increase is fine
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    Where do you stand on the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize same-sex marriage at the federal level?

    • The decision should be overturned!
    • I fully support the ruling!
    • I disagree with the decision but still support the ruling
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    If elected President, would you advocate raising the minimum wage to $15/hr nationwide?

    • $15/hr is way too high; these are supposed to be entry-level jobs for teenagers
    • $15/hr is only realistic in major cities… I say $12/hr
    • $15/hr is barely scraping the surface! We need major change NOW!
    • We should abolish the minimum wage
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    Do we need to maintain our current levels of military spending in order to protect the nation?

    • The security of our nation is our chief concern. Whatever it costs!
    • We should cut spending and take a backseat role in foreign affairs
    • We should eliminate waste, but we cannot relax our presence overseas
    • We should radically reduce military spending
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    How would you approach the issue of border security and the USA’s swelling illegal immigrant population?

    • Deport all illegal immigrants
    • Allow amnesty for illegals in good standing
    • Tighten security, but no mass-deportations
    • We need to work towards a path to citizenship, but only for those who work hard and prove themselves
    • If you break the law by entering the country, you should be kicked out

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