Are You More Of An Individualist Or A Collectivist?



According to psychology, every human is either an individualist or a collectivist. Knowing which one you are can help you with work, relationships and love. Not knowing may just be why you often feel lost in all three! Ready to find out if you’e an individualist or a collectivist? Take this quiz and find out!
The generalized geographic clusters of individualism may be found in Anglo countries, Germanic Europe, and Nordic Europe. Geographic clusters for collectivism are often located in Arab countries, Latin America, Confucian Asia, Southern Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
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Collectivist cultures are usually contrasted with individualistic cultures. Collectivism stresses the importance of the community, while individualism is focused on the rights and concerns of each person. Where unity and selflessness are valued traits in collectivist cultures, independence and personal identity are highly stressed in individualistic cultures.

  • Question of

    When speaking to other people, you prefer to be very…

    • Direct
    • Sensitive
    • Understanding
  • Question of

    Which sounds more like you?

    • I like to do one thing at at time.
    • I like to do many things at once.
    • I like to be organized.
  • Question of

    Who influenced your career choices?

    • My parents
    • My friends
    • I did
  • Question of

    Is winning really everything to you?

    • Winning is the only thing.
    • It’s not very important.
    • It’s nice, but not everything.
  • Question of

    You scored several luxury goody bags from a conference. What do you do with them all?

    • Give them to family and friends.
    • Donate the contents to a shelter.
    • Keep them for myself, I might something in them later on.
  • Question of

    How do you feel about competition?

    • Bring it on, I’m motivated by competition.
    • I don’t really care for competition.
    • It’s okay in certain situations.
  • Question of

    Your aging parent can no longer live on their own. Your first thought is to…

    • Move them into a home.
    • Have them live at my house.
    • Hire a live-in nurse.
  • Question of

    Do you like being different?

    • Yes, definitely.
    • In some ways.
    • No, not at all.
  • Question of

    Did you grow up in a large family?

    • Yes, very large.
    • I’d say it was pretty average.
    • I was the only child or had one sibling.
  • Question of

    You prefer to do most things….

    • Alone.
    • With others.
    • On my own, with some help.

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