Are You Ready To Quit Your Job And Travel The World?



Have you ever thought about quitting your job and traveling the world? It’s time to find out if you’re ready to take the plunge! Think you know what your future holds? Take this quiz and find out! Play the personality quiz today to find out that whether or not you are ready to quit your job. Also, choose your options wisely as every choice matters. Each of your choices may vary the results immensely!

Whether you should quit a job or not, depends immensely on your current financial situation. If you are financially stable and can afford to get on well in your life even without a job, then its completely your choice, you can or you cannot. But if you are financially unstable, and are highly dependent on your job for your day to day living, i.e., unable to pay rents, bills, food, grocery and all, then its highly unlikely that you should quit a job.

Now, as far as the world tour goes, its completely related to money. If you are financially stable, then surely you have a possibility to quit your job and go on for a world tour. However, if you aren’t financially independent, then you must focus on your job and do well in it and probably then should you aim for higher opportunities.

Now that you have know about jobs, why you need them and whether you should quit one for travelling the world or not, and have known some fascinating facts about them, it’s time that you play the quiz below to know that whether or not quitting a job is beneficial for travelling the world. Also don’t forget to comment your result below and also, do considering sharing this quiz with your friends and family on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Twitter and Reddit.

are you ready to quit your job and travel the world
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  • Question of

    What time do you wake up on a weekday?

    • 6 am
    • 7 am
    • 8 am
    • 9 am
    • It varies
  • Question of

    How long is your morning commute?

    • 10-15 minutes
    • 20-30 minutes
    • 40-50 minutes
    • Over an hour
  • Question of

    What’s the last thing you Googled?

    • A new recipe
    • Airline prices
    • News
    • Tips for handling stress
  • Question of

    Do you often feel under appreciated?

    • Always
    • Sometimes
    • Never
  • Question of

    The day is over. What’s the first thing you do when you get home?

    • Have a beer
    • Put on some sweatpants
    • Check my work emails
    • Lay down and cry
  • Question of

    What are you most likely to have for lunch?

    • Nothing, I’m always working straight through!
    • Leftovers from the night before.
    • Going for a boozy lunch with co-workers.
    • Eating a sandwich.
  • Question of

    How do you stay in shape?

    • Does lifting food to my mouth count?
    • I do yoga or pilates.
    • I run or walk.
    • I take a class.
  • Question of

    Can you live with uncertainty?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I’m not sure
  • Question of

    What do you really value most in life?

    • My family
    • My friends
    • My experiences
    • My career
  • Question of

    What do you believe is your shining quality?

    • I’m open minded
    • I’m creative
    • I’m laid back
    • I’m organized
    • I’m smart

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