Can You Pass An Anger Management Test?



Hey there guys. How was your day? I hope you all are doing well. Today we will be discussing an important topic Can you pass an anger management test? Anger management is one of the most important skills of the 21st century. It is important because if you don’t know how to do it then you might just turn down a life-changing opportunity. The decisions taken while you are angry are the worst ones as you are biased when you are angry and might not see all the sides of an argument. It is true though that anger must not be suppressed as it can cause more issues than ever. Anger is also considered as one of the seven deadly sins in the Bible. I don’t know why it is considered as deadly but I guess if it is in Bible then there might be some degree of truth to it. While we are on the topic of religious books I would like to point out that they are great and none of them teaches us to be enemies of one another. It enlightens us and brings us a step closer to our soul. We may take our entire lives to come closer to our soul and it is important that we read these religious books. It also lowers our stress levels and we have a feeling of tranquility which also plays a great role in managing our anger levels. It has also been found that some personality types tend to get angry more frequently than others. I would advise them to book therapy sessions as it would relax their mind and make them feel better. It is one of the most basic thing that they could do if they want to manage their stress. Playing any musical instruments could also help them.I hope you liked my short article. If you have any further insights into the topic then feel free to share it down in the comments section below. Play the quiz as well and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

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  • Question of

    What do you do when you are upset and need to calm down?

    • Talk (complain) to a friend
    • Take deep breaths and meditate
    • Punch something and yell
  • Question of

    You’ve been waiting for parking spot for the last five minutes, and when the car you’ve been waiting for finally pulls out, another car zooms in. What do you do?

    • Let them have it, no big deal.
    • Mutter a few swear words under your breath and make sure they hear you gun your engine as you drive away.
    • Turn your emergency lights on, get out of the car, and let the driver know that he/she is in MY spot.
  • Question of

    How often do you feel angry or upset per week?

    • Once, if any
    • 2-3 times
    • 4+ times
  • Question of

    You’ve been taking care of your little garden for years now, and one day, you come home to find all of your vegetables have been stolen! What do you do?

    • Go looking for the thieves that stole your prized vegetables.
    • Cut your losses and start planting new seeds.
    • Swear that you’ll put up cameras to catch the thieves next time.
  • Question of

    Your best friend tells you she can’t go to the movies with you tonight because she’s sick, but you later see her at the mall with her boyfriend. What do you do when you see her?

    • Approach them both and call her out on her lie.
    • Take photos of them to blackmail her with next time.
    • Shrug it off – maybe she started feeling better recently?
  • Question of

    You hear that your little brother, who is in the sixth grade, is being bullied at school. What are our first thoughts?

    • I’m gonna catch that little bully and make him pay.
    • This will make my brother stronger – he can handle it.
    • We need to go to a teacher and report this problem immediately.
  • Question of

    On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most satisfied, how satisfied do you feel when you FINALLY swat that fly that has been buzzing around your ear at home all night?

    • 1-5
    • 6-8
    • 9-10
  • Question of

    Which Biblical teaching to you subscribe to most often?

    • An eye for an eye
    • Turn the other cheek
    • It depends on the offense
  • Question of

    You’ve been looking forward to going to a baseball game since the start of the season, and when the game that you have tickets for finally rolls around, thunderstorms start rolling in as well. What do you do?

    • Figure out some other, more fun rainy day activity to do.
    • Stick it out and get drenched while watching the game.
    • Scream in frustration and sulk the entire day.
  • Question of

    You and your friend have gotten into an argument in which you know you’re correct, but your friend is just too stubborn to back down. What do you do?

    • Let him win then later dip his toothbrush in the toilet.
    • Stop talking to him for a week.
    • Give him the win, but look for a way to prove him wrong.
  • Question of

    At a party, your best friend says something offensive about you when she thinks you’re not listening. What do you do?

    • Call her out on it in front of everyone.
    • Pull her aside and talk about it.
    • Write her off and refuse to see her again.
  • Question of

    Have you ever alienated family because you were angry?

    • Yes — I have no reservations about it.
    • No — Family is everything!
    • I haven’t, but I would if I had to.
  • Question of

    You’re 20 minutes into a 6 hour flight and a nearby child starts crying. It’s not a baby — it’s a 6-year-old. What do you do?

    • Put on the headphones and turn on some tunes. Best to drown out the noise!
    • Turn around and stare at the child. Hopefully their parents will get the hint.
    • Ask the parents to calm their unruly child down. Some of us paid for this flight!
  • Question of

    Today is the absolute WORST day you’ve ever had. How do you take out your frustration?

    • By punching something.
    • Disconnect for a moment to calm down and focus.
    • Call a close friend to vent about it.
    • Close myself in a room and cry.
  • Question of

    As you’re scrolling through your news feed, you notice an article about an outrageous comment from the presidential candidate you DON’T support. What do you do?

    • Scroll on to the next post. I’m not surprised by anything these days.
    • Read through the comments and contribute my thoughts. Anyone who agrees with that candidate is an idiot!
    • Close out of my news feed and find something else to do. I’d rather not waste my energy.

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