Do You Have An Alpha Brain Or An Omega Brain?

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    At work, you’re always most likely to….

    • Come up with a new idea.
    • Keep others on task.
    • Refill the coffee machine.
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    It’s a milestone birthday and your friends want to throw you a party. Do you agree?

    • Yes, I’d love a big party in my honor!
    • Maybe, just a few close friends though.
    • Nope, I’d much prefer a quiet night in.
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    You’re on a first date, who should pick up the tab?

    • The other person.
    • We should split the bill.
    • I should pay.
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    Which sounds most like your personal motto?

    • Grab the bull by the horns.
    • You get what you give.
    • Live and learn.
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    If you were to get lost in the woods, you would likely….

    • Go right into panic mode.
    • Keep calm and stay the course.
    • Settle down and wait for help.
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    Do you tend to put your needs before other peoples?

    • Yes, always. I look out for number 1.
    • Sometimes, only when everyone else is taken care of.
    • No, never. I put others first.
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    When it comes to friendship is quantity or quality more important?

    • Quantity
    • Quality
    • A mix of both
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    How long does it take you to get over a bad breakup?

    • Years, honestly.
    • A few months.
    • A couple of weeks.
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    What would you have to make per year to feel comfortable?

    • $60,000
    • $100,00
    • $200,000
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    Your significant other just started an argument with you, what do you do?

    • Apologize to end the fight.
    • Keep arguing until I win.
    • Leave the house completely.

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