How Classy Are You?



Hey there guys. How was your day? I hope you all are doing well. Today we will be discussing an important topic How classy are you? In today’s world being classy is one of the requirements to get socially accepted in social groups. We are constantly trying to emulate that classy actor or actress or political figure that we sometimes lose our own identity. If you are someone who has felt lost due to all this then I would suggest you to visit a psychologist please don’t rely on google for health-related issues. Google is a great search engine but it is not good for your health. In fact, many times google itself advises you to visit a professional doctor. To means the so called classy people are idiots. They don’t have anything to do in their life and so they preach you how to be classy. In my opinion it is utter waste of time and we should not mind these utter nonsense. If you are someone who believes all this crap then please cut through it as there are many important problems of people that you could solve. There are many things which you should consider if you want to consider to cut through this crap. Please stop blindly following Instagram models, actors and actresses. If you don’t stop doing it then you will be making them tons of money while you would be losing on your productivity. So please stop consuming garbage and start being productive. There are many books which could help you in getting started in it. I think the first thing you should take care of it is to analyze your whole day and find where you are wasting money. There are many things which would come out while you are analyzing.I hope you liked my short article. If you have any further insights into the topic then feel free to share it with me down in the comments section below. Play the quiz as well and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. There are many important and interesting articles coming your way.

“There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it.”
― Judith McNaught, Remember When

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.”
― Seneca

“There is so much about my fate that I cannot control, but other things do fall under the jurisdiction. I can decide how I spend my time, whom I interact with, whom I share my body and life and money and energy with. I can select what I can read and eat and study. I can choose how I’m going to regard unfortunate circumstances in my life-whether I will see them as curses or opportunities. I can choose my words and the tone of voice in which I speak to others. And most of all, I can choose my thoughts.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

“You Are the Master of Your Attitude

You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control the way you think about all the events. You always have a choice. You can choose to face them with a positive mental attitude.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    What is your favorite type of high class or gourmet food?

    • Lobster
    • Filet mignon
    • Caviar
    • Oysters
    • Truffles
  • Question of

    What is your signature trait?

    • Wittiness
    • Style
    • Intelligence
    • Humbleness
    • Being well spoken
  • Question of

    Choose your favorite synonym for classy:

    • Elegant
    • Stylish
    • Posh
    • Ritzy
    • High class
  • Question of

    If you could take a luxurious vacation to any country, where would you go?

    • France
    • Fiji
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • United Kingdom
  • Question of

    How often do you curse?

    • Everyday
    • Multiple times a day
    • Every now and then
    • Hardly ever
    • Never
  • Question of

    Which classless behavior are you guilty of committing regularly?

    • Burping
    • Scratching
    • Cursing
    • Spitting
    • Messy eating
  • Question of

    How often do you hold doors open for people?

    • Always
    • If it’s convenient
    • Never
  • Question of

    When choosing an outfit, what is your major concern?

    • Comfort
    • Style
    • Uniqueness
    • Appropriateness
    • Smell
  • Question of

    How often do you partake in office gossip or spread rumors?

    • All of the time
    • Only if it’s in good fun
    • Never
  • Question of

    Do you tend to look straight ahead when you walk or at the ground?

    • Straight ahead
    • At the ground
    • A mix of both
  • Question of

    It’s your best friend’s birthday, and you’re throwing a costume party. What’s the theme?

    • Masquerade Ball
    • Ugly Sweater
    • Superheroes
    • Party of one — I hate playing host
  • Question of

    It’s been a long day, and you need a stiff drink. What do you reach for?

    • Shots
    • Wine
    • Brewskies
    • A cocktail
    • Just water for me, please
  • Question of

    Someone just made a tremendously crude joke. You…

    • Blush
    • Tell them off!
    • Laugh
    • Tell one of my own!
  • Question of

    How often do you curse?

    • Sometimes…
    • There’s no excuse for poor language
    • Only when I’m really angry…
    • All the f*cking time!
  • Question of

    A rude coworker is pushing your buttons, and they’re starting to piss you off. What do you do?

    • Avoid the problem in hopes that it’ll solve itself
    • I might raise my voice
    • I’ll just confront them directly
    • I take deep breaths, and calm myself before approaching them

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