How Stubborn Are You Really?

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    What kind of kid were you?

    • Always well-behaved
    • Very active
    • Rebellious
    • Mischievous
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    Generally, what time do you show up to scheduled dates and appointments?

    • Early
    • On Time
    • Late
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    Are you right-brained (creative) or left-brained (analytical)?

    • Right-braiend
    • Left-brained
    • A bit of both!
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    What is your anger level at on a normal, every day basis?

    • Very Low
    • Low-Medium
    • Medium-High
    • Very High
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    What is your birth order?

    • Only child
    • Oldest
    • Middle child
    • Youngest
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    You’ve been looking forward to going to a baseball game for weeks. On the day of the game, it starts thunderstorming, and the game is cancelled. What are your first thoughts?

    • This is the WORST.
    • This isn’t the best day, huh?
    • Well, time to find some indoor activity to do!
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    Have you ever publicly protested something, whether it be attending a rally in person or voicing your opinions on social media?

    • Yes, I stand behind my views all the time!
    • Yes, when I got especially passionate about an issue.
    • No, I try to stay away from political stuff.
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    How do you approach conflict?

    • I always stand my ground, no matter what.
    • I try to look at the situation from both sides.
    • I seek help from others and ask for their advice.
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    The line for the theme park ride you want to go on is extremely long. Next to it is another ride with a very short line. What do you do?

    • Stay in line for the ride I wanted to ride.
    • Switch lines to the other ride.
    • Ride the other ride first, but vow to get to the other ride before I go home.
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    You and your friends are out on the town when one of your friends gets tired and wants to go home. You’re still having the time of your life, but your other friends offer to accompany her home. What do you do?

    • Head out with your friends and call it a night.
    • Reluctantly offer to accompany her home too.
    • Tell your friends that you’ll catch up to them later – you’re having fun!
    • Try to re-energize your friend so you can all stay out and have a fun night!

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