What Is Your Biblical Name?

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    What is the first thing you think about upon waking in morning?

    • How lucky I am to be alive
    • All of the things I have to do today
    • All of the work I didn’t get done the night before
    • My family
    • What I’m going to wear
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    Which historical site would you most like to visit one day?

    • Jerusalem
    • Rome
    • Athens
    • Israel
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    If someone throws a rock in your direction, how do you respond?

    • I throw a rock back at them
    • I forgive them
    • I confront them
    • I shake my head and walk away
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    What do you believe is the most powerful trait a person can possess?

    • Wisdom
    • Faith
    • Fortitude
    • Gratitude
    • Confidence
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    How many children would you like to have one day?

    • 0-1
    • 1-2
    • 2-3
    • 3-4
    • None
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    What personality trait do you find the most attractive in a mate?

    • Sense of humor
    • Sensitivity
    • Patience
    • Compassion
    • Ambition
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    What type environment do you prefer?

    • Urban
    • Rural
    • Suburban
    • Desert
    • Beach
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    If you could become any animal, which would you choose?

    • Dove
    • Lamb
    • Lion
    • Goat
    • Dog
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    If attending a dinner party, do you eat the food even if you don’t like it?

    • Yes absolutely
    • I move it around and pretend to eat it
    • I try a bit
    • No way
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    Do you believe that every person has a destiny?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I’m not sure
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    How religious are you?

    • Not very.
    • Not at all.
    • Very.
    • A bit.
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    Did you grow up in a religious home?

    • No.
    • Yes.
    • It was very religious, but not very observant.
    • It was very secular but observant.
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    How self-reliant are you?

    • Totally.
    • Mostly.
    • I need my family.
    • I need my community.
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    How do you imagine God?

    • I don’t believe in God.
    • I think of God as the “Prime Mover.”
    • I imagine an old man in the sky.
    • I’m a deist.
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    Which edition of the bible is your favorite?

    • I like all three versions: the Torah, the Bible, and The Quran.
    • I like the first edition.
    • I think the King James Bible is the best.
    • The one I find in hotel rooms.

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