What Kind Of Apocalypse Would You Be Best In?

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    What would be hardest to live without in an apocalyptic world?

    • Clean water
    • Cell phone signal
    • Toilet paper
    • Medical care
    • Fast food
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    What has always scared the living daylights out of you?

    • Horror movies
    • Politics
    • The thought of extraterrestrial life
    • Spiders and snakes, oh my!
    • Bio warfare
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    You can only take one item with you in a hurry. what do you choose?

    • A gun
    • A can of gasoline
    • A machete
    • A bottle of water
    • Body armor
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    Where would you flee to if you survived some kind of apocalyptic attack?

    • To the cities
    • To the country
    • To the small towns
    • To the forest
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    Which struggle would you best cope with?

    • Being hungry
    • Lots of death
    • Prolonged thirst
    • Losing hope
    • Lack of communication
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    You would want your travel companion to be very…

    • Strong
    • Smart
    • Logical
    • Kind
    • Fast
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    If the world ended tomorrow, what would you do today?

    • Eat all my favorite foods
    • Have sex
    • Drink a lot
    • Loot
    • Prepare
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    You’re getting desperate for food. What would you reach for?

    • Plants
    • Old garbage
    • Fish
    • Bugs
    • Animals
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    Politically speaking, are you more left or right?

    • Left
    • Right
    • Somewhere in the middle
    • None of these
  • Question of

    How do you view the world?

    • Through a positive lens.
    • Through a negative lens.
    • Through a truthful lens.

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