What Part Of Your Soul Is Most Dominant?

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    How often do you remember your dreams?

    • I always remember my dreams.
    • I remember them for a bit, but then forget them.
    • I vaguely remember them.
    • I never remember.
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    How often do you go to church or attend religious services?

    • Every Sunday, it is well with my soul.
    • Whenever I have the time.
    • On holidays.
    • Never, organized religion is not my thing.
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    Who do you enjoy working with more: kids or animals?

    • I love working with animals.
    • Working with kids is most fulfilling!
    • I enjoy both equally.
    • I’m not fond of either.
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    What kind of heart would you say you have?

    • A soft heart
    • A guarded heart
    • A broken heart
    • A dark heart
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    If you attended a party, what would you be found doing?

    • Dancing like nobody’s watching!
    • Stuffing my face.
    • Hitting the bar.
    • Mixing and mingling.
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    Which of your chakras could use some attention?

    • Crown
    • Third-eye
    • Heart
    • Solar plexus
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    How do you work to realign your spirit?

    • Time in nature.
    • Meditation.
    • Healthy foods.
    • Regular therapy.
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    What do you think about when you see a rainbow?

    • Luck
    • Fortune
    • Wishes
    • Leprechauns
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    How do you come off when you meet new people?

    • Very shy and reserved.
    • Chatty and social.
    • A bit awkward.
    • Polite and well-mannered.
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    What’s your sense of humor like?

    • Witty
    • Dark
    • Dry
    • Sarcastic

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