What Should You Start Collecting?



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I collect cat figurines.

I have hundreds. Everywhere that I went, I was always on the lookout for them. Ceramic, glass, fabric, wood, stone, crystal. Anything that caught my fancy.

Craft shows, vacations, garage sales, estate sales, trips to the mall, anywhere that possibly had any type of kitty nick-nacks.

My family and friends also joined in. I would always be happy with a kitty cat gift.

You may already have an extensive collection of something and need something new, or maybe you have never collected anything but would like to start. Take this quiz to find out what you should start collecting.

  • Question of

    What is more important to you?

    • Nature
    • Imagination
    • Wisdom
    • Fun
    • Originality
  • Question of

    What subject would you like to learn more about?

    • Geology
    • Mythology
    • Zoology
    • Visual Arts
    • Psychology
  • Question of

    Where would you rather go on vacation?

    • The Beach
    • Disney World
    • Camping
    • A Museum
    • New York
  • Question of

    Choose a fashion statement.

    • Beautiful Jewelry
    • Amazing Hairstyle
    • Cute Glasses
    • Colorful Clothing
    • Awesome Shoes
  • Question of

    The world needs more….

    • Original Architecture
    • Intelligent People
    • Practical Thinkers
    • Beautiful Art
    • Glitter
  • Question of

    What do you think dreams mean?

    • They represent reality.
    • They reveal the subconscious.
    • They predict the future.
    • They connect you to the spiritual realm.
    • They mean nothing.
  • Question of

    How many different collections do you currently have?

    • I have never collected anything.
    • I no longer own former collections.
    • I have one collection.
    • I have two collections.
    • I have more than two collections.
  • Question of

    How much free time do you have available?

    • Never enough
    • Not much
    • Enough
    • A little too much
    • Way too much
  • Question of

    Which word describes you best?

    • Inquisitive
    • Unique
    • Spiritual
    • Bored
    • Observant
  • Question of

    How do you spend most of your time?

    • Working
    • Sleeping
    • Cleaning
    • Partying
    • Watching TV

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