What Was Your Real Birth Place?



Hey there, I Hope you are doing well. How was your day by the way? So today we will be discussing an important topic What was your real Birthplace? For most of us, birthplaces are the places where we spend most of our childhood. Childhood shapes us in many different ways. For example, ones having very positive surrounding during their childhood helps them in being naturally positive. While the ones having traumatic experiences during their childhood are more prone to negativity and some even commit crimes once they are adults. It is not to scare you but it has been seen in the past that most of the gruesome crimes committed by criminals have a history of a traumatic childhood. That being said it is also not true that those who have a traumatic childhood will be a criminal. Some of them use their negative experiences as motivation to achieve great things in life. They may become revolutionists, leaders, business owners, writers, and whatnot. To conclude it is evident negativity in childhood can really turn you into a monster or an angel. As cliche, as it sounds “Pain, has the power to change people”.

It is also said that the very first few years of the child decides his personality. It is that time when our brains are wired. Hard-wired. Most of your so-called natural abilities were born during this very time. It is said that this age is like the time before we go to sleep every day. If you think anything before going to sleep it is said that it has a lasting impression on ourselves. It is the time when we are connected to our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the one to look for if you don’t like yourself. You need to reprogram yourself to achieve whatever you want. Examples include angels, gods and deities, and spirits, as well as human abilities like magic, telekinesis, precognition and extrasensory perception.

Is your birth certificate accurate? Where were you really born?

what was your real birth place
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