What’s Your Cuddle Style?

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    When it comes time for a good cuddle session, who initiates?

    • I do
    • They do.
    • It’s half and half.
    • Eh, we’re not big on cuddling.
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    In your humble opinion, what’s the best cuddle position?

    • Big spoon
    • Little spoon
    • On the lap
    • Snug in a hug
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    Do you cuddle at night while trying to fall asleep?

    • Yes, every single night.
    • When it’s really cold out.
    • Sometimes, but not often.
    • Nah, we don’t go to bed at the same time.
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    Would you rather cuddle your significant other or your pet?

    • Yes
    • No
    • My significant other.
    • My pet.
    • I don’t have a pet…
    • I don’t have a significant other…
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    What do you like to wear when cuddling?

    • Nothing at all…
    • A pair of pajamas.
    • Something silky.
    • Whatever I happen to be wearing at the time.
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    What’s the best cuddle spot?

    • The bedroom
    • On the couch
    • All are good with me!
    • Eh, no cuddles are the best cuddles.
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    How long should a cuddle last?

    • 5 minutes or less.
    • Around 20 minutes.
    • The length of a movie.
    • All night!
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    Your arm goes numb while cuddling. What do you do?

    • Switch sides.
    • Stop cuddling.
    • Deal with it.
    • I’d never cuddle long enough for that to happen.
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    Do you enjoy public cuddles or PDA?

    • Yes, in small doses.
    • Yup, bring it on!
    • Sometimes, but not always.
    • That’s not for me.
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    Do you need affection in order to feel loved?

    • Yes, always.
    • Sometimes
    • Not really.

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