Which Country Is Your Soul’s True Home?

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    Your neighbors dog keeps coming into your yard. What do you do about it?

    • Put up a fence.
    • Talk to my neighbor about it.
    • Call animal control.
    • Give the dog pets.
    • Ignore it, it’s just a dog!
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    Think of your values. Which of these is most important to you?

    • Peace
    • Freedom
    • Quality of life
    • Creativity
    • Safety
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    How often do you talk to your neighbors?

    • Once a week.
    • Almost everyday.
    • Once a month.
    • I don’t have neighbors.
    • Never, why would I?
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    If a member of your family is feeling ill, what do you do?

    • Make them a big pot of soup.
    • Take them to the doctor.
    • Bake them something special.
    • Send them funny videos.
    • Ask them if they need me to do anything.
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    Which of these would you rather see?

    • Fields
    • Mountains
    • Beaches
    • Buildings
    • Forest
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    What do you do when you have extra food?

    • Throw it away.
    • Eat more.
    • Save it for later.
    • Share it with friends.
    • Use it for something else.
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    Do you enjoy entertaining others?

    • Yes, I love to host weekly get togethers!
    • I host the occasional dinner party.
    • Only on the holidays.
    • Entertaining isn’t my thing.
    • Depends on my mood!
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    How often do you travel?

    • Once a year.
    • Several times a year.
    • As often as I can.
    • Every few years.
    • Never
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    Do you follow politics?

    • Only during an election year.
    • Nah, not my thing.
    • Yes, it’s important.
    • Sometimes, but not always.
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    Who do you ask for help when you need it?

    • A family member.
    • A close friend.
    • A neighbor.
    • The internet.
    • No one, I’m very independent.

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