Which Dictionary Word Describes You Best?

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    What do you believe is your best feature?

    • My positivity
    • My wit
    • My problem solving skills
    • My sense of style
    • My compassion
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    What is the one thing no one can tell you not to do?

    • Work
    • Help others
    • Read
    • Have fun
    • Spend time with family
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    What do you feel is your most noticeable personality flaw?

    • Impatience
    • Being overcritical
    • Being a doormat
    • Perfectionism
    • Not taking anything seriously
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    When do you feel happiest?

    • When meeting my goals
    • Spending time with friends or family
    • Volunteering
    • Learning something new
    • When exercising
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    What role do you play in your group of friends?

    • The leader
    • The planner
    • The diplomat
    • The comedic relief
    • The shoulder to cry on
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    What word would you use to describe your best friend?

    • Bold
    • Shy
    • Adventurous
    • Brainy
    • Nerdy
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    Are you happy with the current state of your life?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Some days I am
    • Some days I’m not
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    What is your worst vice?

    • Drinking alcohol
    • Gambling
    • Smoking
    • Overeating
    • Overspending
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    How do you spend your lunch break?

    • Reading
    • Texting
    • Going for a walk
    • Eating
    • Gossiping
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    How do you behave in a crisis?

    • I panic
    • I stay calm
    • I cry
    • I find someone to help me
    • I help others
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    Other people want to

    • Comfort you
    • Be you
    • Marry you
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    Your neighbor’s house is on fire so you…

    • Call 911 and then go over to help
    • Are interviewed for the news
    • Panic
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    Nothing gets between you and your…

    • Goals.
    • Meditation
    • Chocolate Ice Cream
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    You can see yourself…

    • Driving cross-country alone
    • Taking in a foster child
    • Making a speech in front of all the employees in the company
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    Your best friend always said you should become

    • A Doctor
    • A movie star
    • A combat journalist

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