Which Magical Element Do You Yield?

which magical element do you yield

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    You just woke up at 7AM, what do you do?

    • Go back to sleep.
    • Turn off the alarm and get up.
    • Get dressed.
    • Check the weather.
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    What’s one of your biggest flaws?

    • I spread myself too thin.
    • I often procrastinate.
    • I can be stubborn.
    • I have a fiery temper.
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    I you could have any superpower, which would it be?

    • Invisibility.
    • Stopping time.
    • Teleportation.
    • Curing disease.
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    Is it better to live a life of extravagance or minimalism?

    • Minimalism.
    • Neither, live in moderation.
    • Extravagance.
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    The one adjective that describes your personality would be …

    • Fierce.
    • Mysterious.
    • Moody.
    • Relaxed.
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    What is the biggest thing that is holding you back in life?

    • Myself.
    • Other people.
    • Fear.
    • Money.
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    On a scale of 1-5, how much of a perfectionist are you?

    • 4
    • 3
    • 2
    • 5
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    What do you do for fun?

    • Write or draw.
    • Watch TV and relax.
    • Hand out in nature.
    • Cook or bake.
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    Which one are you more similar to: order or chaos?

    • Order.
    • Chaos.
    • A bit of both.
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    Do you feel uneasy when you don’t have control in life?

    • Always.
    • Sometimes.
    • Never.

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