Which North American Animal are you?



Hey there. How was your day? I hope you all are doing well. Today we will be discussing an important topic Which North American Animal are you? America is a great country and has the strongest economy in the world. The people are also great there and so is the wildlife of the country. It has plethora of wildlife species and is home to approximately 475 mammals, 930 birds, 670 reptiles and more than 300 amphibians. It is one of the most diverse countries in terms of wildlife. Lets dive deep into it and explore some of the most quirky animals of this wildlife.

So first on the list is the Arizona Bark Scorpion. It is 3 inches long and has a light brown or yellowish tint to its outer cover which helps it to blend in the desert. Unlike other scorpions which prefer to live a solitary lifestyle Arizona Bark Scorpion prefer to live life in groups and are generally very calm in nature. They get aggressive only when they are threatened. Their body is covered by an exoskeleton which they shed by molting.

It has the same traditional scorpion like way of predating. It hides in burrows or behind the rocks before attacking. The average lifespan of these scorpions are only 6 years. The venom of these scorpions can kill humans if they are not urgently treated. Their prey mostly include crickets, cockroaches and beetles.

They are the most versatile scorpions on the planet. Calling them awesome will be an understatement. The second on the list are the jaguars. It is the largest cat in America and ranks third in terms of size in the entire world. It weighs mostly around the 260 pound mark but the males are a bit on the heavier side. It’s height is mostly around 30 inches and is approximately 75 inches long. Except when mating, jaguars lead a solitary lifestyle in a territory marked with its waste or clawing on trees.

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    On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how outgoing and social are you?

    • 1-5
    • 6-8
    • 9-10
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite activity to do in the park?

    • Getting work done in the sun
    • People watching
    • Picnics with friends
    • Long walks with family
    • Going on fun hikes
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    How would you design the interior of your dream home?

    • Minimalist
    • Fun and colorful
    • Warm, comforting hues
    • Nautical
    • Lots of space for entertaining
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    Pick a pattern!

    • Plaid
    • Stripes
    • Polka Dots
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    Which word describes your personality best?

    • Adventurous
    • Family-oriented
    • Social
    • Peaceful
    • Ambitious
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    Which of the following is most important to you?

    • Accomplishing your goals
    • Maintaining your relationships
    • Loving your family
    • Seeing new and exciting places
    • Keeping cool, calm, and collected
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    What’s your day-to-day schedule like?

    • Very busy
    • Relaxed
    • Filled with dates and social appointments
    • Spontaneous
    • Warm and comfortable
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    Where is your dream vacation spot?

    • Hong Kong
    • Jamaica
    • Athens
    • Disneyland
    • Australia
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    Which ethnic cuisine makes your mouth water most?

    • American Homestyle
    • Japanese
    • Mexican
    • Thai
    • Chinese
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    What’s your pet peeve?

    • Laziness
    • Anxiousness
    • Selfishness
    • Boredom

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