Which Solo Adventure Is Actually Perfect For You?

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    Where are you in your family order?

    • I’m the middle child.
    • The oldest and the wisest.
    • The one and only.
    • The baby.
    • Prefer not to say!
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    Which season do you prefer to travel in?

    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Winter
    • Fall
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    Your dream day would consist of…

    • Working on my tan.
    • Taking a food tour.
    • Shopping for trinkets.
    • Hiking through lush forest.
    • Taking a city tour.
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    How do you keep in touch with friends and family while you are traveling?

    • I don’t, I go off the grid!
    • I post on my blog.
    • I post on Instagram.
    • I text or email.
    • I send postcards.
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    Where do you most like to stay while traveling?

    • Airbnb
    • Resorts
    • Hotels
    • Hostels
    • Motels
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    What type of footwear is your ride or die?

    • Sandals
    • Boots
    • Sneakers
    • I like to go barefoot!
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    How often do you like to take a big trip?

    • Once a year.
    • Every few months.
    • Every few weeks.
    • At every milestone birthday.
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    What’s for dinner?

    • Steak frites
    • Pasta
    • Green curry
    • Chicken tagine
    • Pizza
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    How would your BFF describe your style?

    • Thrift shop chic
    • Bohemian
    • Basic
    • Athletic
    • Trendy
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    Pick your spirit animal…

    • Dog
    • Elephant
    • Sloth
    • Bird
    • Cat

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