Which Uncommon Dog Breed Are You?




There are so many dog breeds that even a dog Guru might not know about them. You might have seen several dogs and wondered which dog it is? But you might have not asked due to several different reasons. Whatever the reasons may be dogs are awesome and they are the most faithful pet a human could ever have. If you love dogs then you have come to the right place since this article will talk about some of the uncommon breeds of dog.

Let us get into it.

Here comes the list.

#1 – Fila Brasileiro

#2 – New Guinea Singing Dog

#3 – Stabyhoun

#4 – Mudi

#5 – Lagotto Romagnolo

#6 – Azawakh

#7 – Thai Ridgeback

#8 – Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

#9 – Norwegian Lundehund

#10 – Kooikerhondje

Fila Brasileiro – The other name of this rare breed is Brazilian Mastiff. As you might have guessed it comes from Brazil and is known for its excellent tracking ability. You might have seen this dogs used by cops in several Hollywood movies. They get easily annoyed by strangers but are extremely loyal to its owners. They are like guardians and would do anything to protect their masters. There is a Brazilian saying ‘As loyal as a Fila’ which speaks about the loyalty and the protective nature of this dog.


New Guinea Singing dog –  It was a wild animal before but now it has gone extremely popular among pet keepers. This dog is unique as it has an unique way of vocalizing which almost sounds like music. Their uniqueness led to their adaptation as pets. Also they are extremely popular amont pet keepers in America. If you love dogs then this is the best for you. But keep in mind that you will have to import the dog’s food from New Guinea since it is native there. They are typically used as water retrievers and can withstand the cold, northern Dutch winters The Mudi is a Hungarian herding dog that is bred for both work and show.


If you were an uncommon dog breed, exactly which unique pooch would you be? Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out which uncommon dog breed you’re most like!

which uncommon dog breed are you
“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Be honest, are you all bark or all bite?

    • I’m all bark
    • I’m all bite
    • I’m about naps
  • Question of

    Pick a common dog breed:

    • Golden retreiver
    • Beagle
    • German shepherd
    • Boston terrier
    • English bulldog
  • Question of

    You’re at a party and you only know the host. What’s your approach?

    • Mingle and get to know new people
    • Cling to the sides
    • Stuff my face full of food
    • Follow the host around
    • Fake an illness and leave early
  • Question of

    How would your best friend describe you?

    • Loyal
    • Goofy
    • Stubborn
    • Intelligent
    • Warm
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite physical feature?

    • My smile
    • My ears
    • My eyes
    • My hair
    • My Freckles
  • Question of

    Are you more of an indoor or outdoor person?

    • I’m more of an indoor person
    • I’m more of an outdoor person
    • It depends on the day
  • Question of

    What hairstyle fits you best?

    • Long and lustrous
    • Short and chic
    • Bouncy and curly
    • Bald and beautiful
    • I’m not sure
  • Question of

    Pick a dog toy:

    • Tennis ball
    • Frisbee
    • Rawhide bone
    • Squeak toy
    • Rope toy
  • Question of

    How many plates can you eat a buffet?

    • Just one plate
    • Two plates
    • Three plates
    • Four plates
    • Five plates
  • Question of

    How wold you describe yourself in a single word?

    • Ambitious
    • Happy
    • Humorous
    • Intelligent
    • Optimistic

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