Which US City Do You Belong In?



US is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the planet and hence undoubtedly its cities are a hub for global tourists. Anyway, have you ever wondered that your personality, way of conversation or character traits matches with which city in the US? However, today we will let you know that which US city do you actually belong to! Play today’s personality quiz by clicking the start quiz button below and we will let you know that which US city exactly suits you. But, choose your options wisely as they can impact your results a lot!

Its quite obvious that if you have been living in a particular region since birth or even for a long enough time, the culture of the inhabitants would get inculcated with your personality and your character. You begin to speak like them (in their accent), walk like them, eat their food and even begin to like it, follow their schedule of sleep and all and even present yourself like them, like following their fashion culture and all.

As far as the US is considered, there are four regions in which the US is divided, they are:

  1. Northeast United States
  2. Midwestern United States
  3. Southern United States
  4. Western United States

In these 4 regions there are more than a 100 states and almost 1000+ cities in all those states. So, its obvious that every person from US has a distinctive personality and character trait. Take the personality quiz and we will see which one matches yours!

So, now that you have know about different states and cities in the US and how greatly beautiful they are, and have known some fascinating facts about them, it’s time that you play the quiz below to know that exactly which US city do you belong. Also don’t forget to comment your result below and also, do considering sharing this quiz with your friends and family on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Twitter and Reddit.

which US city do you belong in

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  • Question of

    How friendly are you with strangers?

    • Very
    • Somewhat
    • Not Very
  • Question of

    Are you more liberal or more conservative?

    • More Liberal
    • Moderate
    • More Conservative
  • Question of

    Are you a punctual person?

    • Always
    • I Try
    • Not Really
  • Question of

    How would you rather spend the evening?

    • Eating at a Nice Restaurant
    • Watching A Movie
    • Reading a Book
    • Dancing
    • Swimming
  • Question of

    What is your favorite kind of weather?

    • Bright and Sunny
    • Warm and Breezy
    • Cool and Breezy
    • Snowy and Calm
    • Tempestuous
  • Question of

    Choose a flower.

    • Dahlia
    • Red Rose
    • Violet
    • White Rose
  • Question of

    Choose an animal.

    • Bear
    • Eagle
    • Deer
    • Panther
    • Butterfly
  • Question of

    What would you rather wear on a hot day?

    • Something Lightweight
    • Something Revealing
    • Something Modest
  • Question of

    Which is more important to you?

    • Art and History
    • Culture and Entertainment
    • Politics and Voting
  • Question of

    What is your favorite season?

    • Winter
    • Fall
    • Summer
    • Spring

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