Who Is Your Famous Evil Twin?



Hey there guys. How was your day? I hope you all are doing well. Today we will be discussing an important topic Who is your famous evil twin? So the primary question is who are twins? According to some research papers it is actually the birth of two offsprings from a single pregnancy. Twins are unique and are generally 2.4% of the world population. You may have seen a boom in the number of twins in the world. This is mainly due to advanced fertility techniques like IVF.

According to science twins are categorized into two types – Monozygotic and Dizygotic. Monozygotic means they are born from a single zygote. Dizygotic means they are born from two zygotes. It has been evident from birth records that dizygotic twins are much more common than monozygotic twins.

Monozygotic twins are more special since they are born from a single fertilized egg. A single fertilised egg splits into two embryos. As to why the embryo splits is a matter of further research but it is seen that the rates of birth of monozygotic twins are fairly constant. In spite sharing identical DNAs they always have some differences.

Dizygotic twins have completely different DNAs since they are born of different eggs and sperm combination. It occurs due to hyper ovulation of women. In these studies, scientists collect information about similarities and differences between twins (including those raised together and separately) to try. The birth rate of dizygotic twins are fairly inconsistent and it is seen that Africans have a much higher rate. They are constantly being studied to gather further insightful data on it. Scientists are further studying about the twins. They are using some advanced technology to map the entire genome. It is helping to add much needed insightful data which the previous generation of scientists didn’t had access to. They are also using machine learning and other such techniques to study about the genome and have a good profiling of each individual.

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