Would You Actually Survive In The South?



Hey there guys. How was your day? I hope you all are doing well. Today we will be discussing an important topic Would you actually survive in the South? For those of you who are confused by South here I mean South America. South Americans in my opinion are lovely people. They are the best people to be around. So let us dive a bit deeper into their culture and see for ourselves the interesting aspects of their culture.

To start off, South America is a melting pot of several different cultures. The mixing of indigenous tribes with those of African slaves and migrants from Asia and Europe has really led to a unique blend of different cultures. The influence of this blend of cultures could be felt in the music, architecture, food, and religion making it one of the most diverse cultures of the west. Though one thing I would like to mention that it is a fairly mysterious culture just like China, Bhutan or Nepal. People living in this continent want to maintain strong relations with their traditions and culture. They fear outside invaders and so are generally very private with foreigners. Don’t get me wrong they are not rude they just want to protect the purity of their culture.

Let us discuss the most popular country of the South American continent. Brazil is mainly known for its extravagant carnival processions held in February. If you are someone who loves art then you must visit Sao Paulo as it is a hub of all the artistic activities. Moving around this city is like turning the pages of Brazilian history. There are many museums in this area as well. There are many UNESCO listed centers of Salvador and Paraty which you must visit if you plan to visit Brazil.

There are many such interesting places in Brazil. If you know more such interesting places then feel free to drop it down in the comments below. I will include them in my future articles. South America is almost the opposite in terms of the culture of North America. Play the quiz and get to know more about this continent. If you love the quiz feel free to share it with your friends and family.

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  • Question of

    Who is your favorite TV chef personality?

    • Bobby Flay
    • Rachel Ray
    • Paula Deen
  • Question of

    What are your religious beliefs like?

    • I am deeply spiritual.
    • I believe that there is some higher power, but I’m not sure what He/She/It is yet.
    • I don’t practice nor believe in religion. I disagree with everything connected to it.
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite college sport to watch?

    • American Football
    • Basketball
    • Football (Soccer)
    • Crew
  • Question of

    Which dinner dish sounds most appetizing to you?

    • Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and buttery corn
    • Filet mignon, baked potato, and asparagus
    • Sushi, noodles, and fried shrimp tempura
    • Crispy tacos and nachos with guacamole
  • Question of

    Where in your childhood home were most of your best family memories made?

    • Living room
    • Backyard
    • Kitchen
  • Question of

    Choose a saying!

    • ‘Holy moley!’
    • ‘Bless his heart!’
    • ‘No way dude.’
  • Question of

    Pick your favorite pattern.

    • Camouflage
    • Polka Dots
    • Stripes
    • Plaid
  • Question of

    The first vehicle you drove was what type of vehicle?

    • Sedan
    • SUV
    • Pick-up truck
    • Convertible
  • Question of

    Pick a cold drink to cool you off on a hot summer day!

    • Lemonade
    • Sweet Tea
    • Fruit Smoothie
  • Question of

    Which romantic pet name is your favorite?

    • ‘Babe’
    • ‘Honeybee’
    • ‘Sweet pea’

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